for landscapes to IMAgine


30/31 July 1st Choreographic workshop Compagnie Heliotropion / Association Lelastiko

“Whoever wants to see how the soul inhabits its body, looks at how this body uses its daily habitation” Leonardo da Vinci. The inhabiting body gives off a field of presence that exceeds the objective surface of its skin. What does it mean to live? To inhabit a place is not to occupy a location like an object, like a content in a container. It is not being in space but opening oneself up to space, or more precisely opening up space. This workshop is a reflexion to explore creative acts from the observation of the landscape: natural, rural, urban, historical, archaeological, industrial…

Different notions will be explored:

– landscape observation,
– the development of perceptions in the body,
– the experience of the body in different orientations and directions,
– the relationship to the external space: shared space, chaotic space, living space, built space, architectural space…
– notion of an internal landscape,
– soliciting the writing of sentences by the participants and using texts to compose with the landscape.