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Artistic team

Supporting structure of the project

Compagnie Héliotropion // Paris – France

The company Héliotropion was created in 2001, as a place of exchange, meeting and research. With a multidisciplinary approach, the company Héliotropion develops a creative work, breaking the boundaries of different artistic fields…

The main research axis could be condensed into these few words: to explore and stage the creative dimension of the human being confronted with today’s world, and to experiment with new forms of writing for the performing arts.
The themes that inspire her creations are varied, always with the idea of meeting
Encounter between the arts, but also between individuals and cultures.
Our company produces shows (medium and small forms), performances, in situ creations, specially adapted to places and audiences.
For several years now, our artistic workers have been developing creative and awareness-raising work in various countries (Italy, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Syria, Morocco, Armenia, Brazil) with some French Cultural Centres and cultural structures.

Clotilde Tiradritti, choreographer
Patrick Matoian, multi-instrumentalist musician and composer
Marianne Rachmuhl, artistic collaborator, choreographic artist

Partner structures

Lelastiko // Brescia – Italy

The structure develops research in the field of choreography and performance, with the aim of encouraging the choice of unconventional stage spaces, used as performance areas, for a different use of the show.

Lelastiko has an intense professional training activity. on the local and national territory, and internationally. Numerous artists, choreographers and dancers are invited to participate in specific projects on the territory, designed and organised by Lelastiko. The synergy of different disciplines, the testimony and the professionalism of each artist support the practice of training and the study of performing arts.

In 2019 LELASTICO is collaborating with the company Héliotropion in the realisation of the European project SPAZI / ESPACES / SPACES in the city of Brescia. In 2023 Brescia together with the city of Bergamo will be European capitals of culture.

Company La Vertebral // Barcelona – Spain

The company La Vertebral, created by Jordi Arús i Gorina (actor, director, trainer and budoka in the 3A – Aikido Kenshukai school), is a research theatre company based on the work of writing texts and energetic body practice (aikishintaiso and aikido).

Enriched by his long experience with the street theatre company La Fura Dels Baus, Jordi Arus develops creative work in collaboration with various Catalan artists to create forms of shows that can be adapted to any type of stage space: theatres, unequipped halls, urban spaces.

The themes dealt with concern the human being, human relations, living together…
The company La Vertebral is administratively hosted by the cultural association Aikido Kenshukai Barcelona, which develops training work based on the martial arts in relation to the contemporary arts.